Save Time & Build Stronger Relationships

Relationships are valuable, and will always be, because trust is important. Working with someone new for the first time is harder than the subsequent deals because there is a lack of shared understanding and trust. But, for whatever reason, most professionals tend to prioritize finding new leads - over prospecting closest to home on a consistent basis.

One of the biggest time leaks out there is not following up with people that you have already done business with. We should start there instead of with a pile of new contacts. This is done in a few ways. First, it prioritizes contacts that have proven to be successful. It groups together all of the contacts of the people that you have completed deals. The goal is to to help brokers stay top of mind with people who already know and trust them.

The best salespeople are always trying to improve their processes. Doing that effectively requires examining which techniques had the best outcomes and why. A good sales platform should be a tool for that as well. The advancements we have made in data science have created amazing breakthroughs by finding correlation where previously no one thought to look.

Now that it's becoming easier for all of our sales data to be collected and assimilated, the feedback that's generated can create seemingly continuous innovation to the sales process. If done right, this data and a good CRM can do the heavy lifting for a sales professional on determining systematic best practices.

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